British Rowing Almanack

The 2014 British Rowing Almanack, compiled by Maggie Phillips, is now available to order.

The Almanack is the 140th edition of the historic publication, chronicling the past season’s events, as well as containing a treasure-trove of useful information.

A reader comments, "The 2013 Almanack is a triumph.  It boggles my imagination to think of the time and effort required to accumulate and publish all the information set out so systematically therein.." 

The 2014 edition includes:

  • Highlights from the GB Rowing Team's unforgettable season,
  • Updated rules of racing,
  • Summaries of the domestic rowing season
  • National and international regatta calendar,
  • Tide tables,
  • British Rowing and regional contacts,
  • Club blade colours.

To order the 2014 Almanack, complete the order form below and return to British Rowing, 6 Lower Mall, London W6 9DJ.

The Almanack cost is £24 for British Rowing members (+ £2.50 p&p, £7.00/11.50 for delivery outside the UK).

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