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British Rowing, and other organisations we are in partnership with, often need to draw on our members opinions and expertise in certain areas to help with new projects, initiatives and policies.

This page will always contain a list of the areas where we, or our partners, would like to hear your opinion.

Each consultation item will tell you how you can make your response or forward your comments.

2 days to go...Foreign Representation As overseas clubs send crews over to compete at The Head of the River we’re taking a look at notable past entries, as well as ones to watch at this year’s Head.
27th March 2015
Rowing joins the new European Sports... Rowing joins the new European Sports Championships - set for Glasgow 2018.
26th March 2015
3 days to go...HoRR History “My dear boy, you are under a wrong impression. It is not a race, it is merely a means of getting crews to do long rows.”
25th March 2015


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